A trusted partnership with Tom Chandley

The Real Patisserie believes in partnerships. Ever since opening their first Trafalgar St outlet, the company has worked to sustain good relationships with suppliers and customers and has grown to comprise four outlets whilst supplying premium speciality breads and pastries to 150 retailers in the Brighton area.  To meet growing demand, The Real Patisserie recently looked to trusted supplier Tom Chandley for a new oven.

Prior to the new Compacta oven, The Real Patisserie already had a Tom Chandley 2-2-8 deck oven that was still working well after 40 years of service. In order to efficiently supply the quantities and growing variety of products, the decision was made to invest in a new oven and Tom Chandley was the obvious choice.

Tom Chandley installed a Compacta Deck oven with steam and turbo controls in the St. George’s Road outlet. Fitted by Tom Chandley specialists, the installation was straightforward and the oven is already baking high quality artisan produce. The 3-2-8 Chandley oven is used to bake all the bread that is available in the shop including; artisan baguettes, sourdough, rye caraway and farmhouse cob to name a few.

Originally manufactured for bread production, each deck features a ceramic baking sole that ensures the exact bake required. According to Justin Gourlay, owner of the Real Patisserie, the features the oven offered were a decisive factor in why Tom Chandley was their final choice: “Because we can rely on the Compacta oven to achieve the bake we require, we can focus more time on bread preparation which is essential for an artisan bakery.”