23 February 2020
Pico Artisan Oven

Compacta Pico – Artisan Oven Range

18 February 2020


We are manufacturing the Magnacooler at our factory in Manchester, these units are popular all around the world. Please ask us for more details! http://www.magnacool.co.uk
14 December 2018
Rapidchef Partnership

Rapidchef Partnership

We have an exclusive partnership with Rapid chef, it is the newest high speed oven on the market and can be used for hot meals and […]
29 March 2017
Vectair Gas Ovens

Vectair Gas Ovens

We are proud to be the sole manufacturer of this iconic brand for Ardent Engineering, the models will be available as 9 Tray, 12 Tray and […]
3 January 2017
Tray Coating by Tom Chandley

Tray Coating

We now have a coating and re-coating service for trays and tins, please call us for further details about our TC-nonstick and TC-Glaze products.
29 April 2015
Eric Dyson

Eric Dyson

We wish to sincerely thank colleagues, customers (old and new), friends in the industry, competitors and suppliers, for their kind words, cards, flowers and generous donations […]
28 April 2015
The Coffee Kitchen is offering 'Real Bread' to Cumbria

The Coffee Kitchen is offering ‘Real Bread’ to Cumbria

The Coffee Kitchen, as the name implies, started out with a focus on providing great coffee to the people of Cockermouth in Cumbria. But, as the […]
27 October 2014
Chandley oven helps Bakers

Chandley Oven helps Bakers & Co bring lively brunch scene to Bristol

A Tom Chandley deck oven is the centerpiece of a brunch café and restaurant inspired by the lively café scenes of San Francisco and Australia. The […]
27 September 2014
Test baker celebrates 25 years’ service with Tom Chandley

Test baker celebrates 25 years’ service with Tom Chandley

Andrew Jones, Test Baker, is celebrating 25 years of service for Tom Chandley Ovens in September. Tom Chandley Ovens is a family-run business that strives to […]