Shortbread House of Edinburgh, the premium supplier of handmade shortbread in the UK, has purchased their fourth Tom Chandley Oven. The family run business has been a customer of Tom Chandley Ltd for 22 years since they opened in 1989. Over the years, the business has grown from a small customer base in Scotland to having customers throughout the UK and abroad.

Supplying their branded goods to independent traders such as hotels, delicatessens, farm shops and caterers, Shortbread House has used Tom Chandley Compacta Deck ovens to produce the quality, baked shortbread, Dundee cake and sweet ‘oaties’ for which they are renowned. As demand has risen, owners the Laings have added new Tom Chandley ovens to the collection which now totals three 4-3-6 Compacta ovens and the latest one, a 5-3-6 Compacta oven. Known for their consistent bake quality, Tom Chandley Compacta ovens have contributed to Shortbread House’s reputation for fresh, traditional Scottish favourites.

The strategy behind the new, slightly larger model was to increase the capacity and output, whilst taking up minimal space. Products are handmade to order and supplied directly to the customer, so a spacious, highly productive environment is crucial. ‘The new oven has been very good for us – we have been able to meet the growing demand for our products, maintaining both the quality of our goods and our working environment’, commented Anthony Laing, Owner of Shortbread House.

The benefits of using a Tom Chandley Deck oven as opposed to a mass produced, more traditional, travelling biscuit oven are huge. If a producer, like Shortbread House, wishes to make bespoke, hand made biscuits in a variety of different types, shapes or sizes, the Deck oven allows far more flexibility. Each deck can be operated at different temperature settings, allowing a wide range of confectionary and biscuit products to be baked at the same time. The touch-screen turbo controller on these ovens also means that controlling and programming is user friendly and simple. They are also highly energy efficient, with an automatic hibernation mode and timer built in.

Shortbread is produced in a variety of flavours at Shortbread House, from original recipe to chocolate chip, chocolate orange, ginger and festive; while ‘oaties’ come in sweet original or chocolate chip. Shortbread House has consistently won top awards in the coveted Great Taste Awards, voted for by professionals from the Guild of Fine Food Retailers.