Chandley oven helps Bakers & Co bring lively brunch scene to Bristol

A Tom Chandley deck oven is the centrepiece of a brunch café and restaurant inspired by the lively café scenes of San Francisco and Australia. The deck oven is proving invaluable to the success of Bakers & Co, a young business based in Bristol making all its food from scratch.

The 3-2-8 deck oven has been fitted with internal lights and glass doors so customers can see the food cooking. Tom Chandley Ovens is well suited to the needs of small, artisan bakers as well as larger bakery production – as the ovens are made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Every day sourdough bread is baked on site, as is a range of cakes and pastries. In addition to these fresh goods baked for the café, the oven plays a vital part in the restaurant service as it is used to cook many of the brunch menu items to order.


Bakers & Co was opened in March 2014 by the owners of another successful Bristol-based eatery, Bravas. Apart from the company’s reputation for producing high-quality ovens, Imogen Waite chose a Chandley Oven because it was important for the company to be able to visit the factory where the oven was made and have direct contact with the people involved in the oven’s production. This close contact with the team at Tom Chandley means that any issues can be resolved quickly and individual requirements are understood.

Imogen Waite comments “Bakers & Co is still a very young business, so it is an exciting time where we are constantly growing and developing. We love having a bespoke oven that has been made in the UK, knowing that it will last us for years as our business expands.”