The Compacta is the bakery industry’s leading deck oven, found in bakeries, hotels, kitchens and restaurants throughout the world. Multiple configurations of decks, deck heights and number of trays help you meet your customers’ unique needs bake after bake.

Traditionally used for bread production, each of the decks feature independently-controlled top and bottom heating elements to give you ultimate control. This unique design means that the Compacta is equally suited for bread, pies, pizza, pastries, confectionery and a whole range of baked products.

Giving you total control since 1944.

Download the brochure

Instantly download the full technical information and specifications for your new Compacta Deck Oven as a PDF.

The Compacta Deck Oven at a glance...

Multiple configurations of decks, heights and depths available

Independently-controlled top and bottom heat for each deck

Ceramic baking sole for that signature Chandley Ovens mellow bake

Optional waterdrop steam system to give excellent shine and crust

Weighted Vienna-style doors with an option of glass or stainless steel

Racked base for easy and convenient storage

Assembled on site to fully fit your space and your needs

In-house manufactured ceramic-lined elements with 1 year warranty


Configured to your unique needs

Choose from multiple configuration options, including how many decks you need, the heights and depth of those decks and how may trays in each.

 The Compacta can suit any need in any space. From large-scale production runs to smaller artisan quantities.

Independently-controlled top and bottom heat

Developed by bakers over generations, the unique top and bottom heating elements are independently controllable. Giving you complete control over your bake like no other deck oven.



Advanced waterdrop steam system

The optional waterdrop system can be used to inject steam into the deck oven chamber to give bread an exceptional shine and crust.

Choice of control systems, including digital or manual

Our Mk4m manual system keeps you in complete control of your oven before and during the baking cycle. 

Or choose our innovative turbo system with pre-programmable colour touch screen.



Weighted doors

Weighted Vienna-style doors provide an easy opening action that is crucial in a busy kitchen or bake-house.

Available in glass or stainless steel.

Assembled on-site

Restricted access?  Because we are the manufacturer and installer, your Compacta Deck Oven can be delivered in small sections and built at your premises.



Innovative finance options

Buy your oven with regular monthly payments or lease your oven over a 5 year term with an annual service and the option to upgrade your oven at the end.

Or our unique Pay-as-you-Bake options lets you pay a deposit to cover installation and then simply pay an hourly rate when the oven is in use!

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We’re much more than ovens, we want to be your bakery partner for years and even decades to come.  Since 1944, we have helped thousands of companies around the world meet their customers’ unique needs.  Start a conversation with our team today about how we can help you meet yours.

Download the Compacta brochure

Instantly download the full technical information and specifications for your new Compacta Deck Oven as a PDF.

Giving you total control, bake after bake

Since 1944