Cunard’s cruise ship Sea goddess

A Tom Chandley oven has been installed on board Cunard’s cruise ship Sea goddess I. A three deck, three trays per deck, Compacta oven fitted with Ultra steam facility has been installed in the ship’s kitchen. The installation represented a major undertaking for our engineers as the oven had to be delivered to Barcelona to be fitted into the ship while it docked there. The oven is used for a whole range of baked products as the staff cater for the 116 passengers that the ship carries to locations as diverse as the Greek Isles, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. Cunard’s corporate chef, Rudi Sodamin, commissioned the oven, stating that he chose it because, as a chef, he ‘insists on using only the best ingredients and the best equipment available and Chandley ovens are among the best on the market’. Another consideration is the reliability of the oven at all times, as the Cunard could not afford for the oven to break down while the ship is on the high seas.