Remo Crolla, Glasgow

As the fast food market has grown, Chandley’s have noticed that the demand for pizza ovens has soared. Typical of the outlets installing such ovens is Little Italy, a takeaway pizza bar and coffee shop in Glasgow. Owner Remo Crolla took advice from his father and sister-in-law, both of whom use Tom Chandley ovens in their own businesses. Remo opted for a Tom Chandley three deck Compacta which he uses for a wide range of pizzas and foccacia. “It’s a very good oven and is working well,” he said. “I am particularly pleased how it retains heat, especially in our busy periods and I am glad I listened to the family!”

Our Pizza ovens are available in two models – the pizza oven and a heavy-duty version with each oven deck offering independent control over the top and bottom heat. The baking chamber of the heavy-duty model is lined with ceramic tiles to cope with fast repetitive output that characterises pizza baking.