Leading oven manufacturer, Tom Chandley Ltd, has launched a new, more environmentally focused Rack Oven. The new model has been enhanced for more efficient running to enable the user to save on energy use.

As an environmentally conscious organisation, Tom Chandley”s engineers have reduced the connected load of the conventional Rack Oven from 39kW to 33kW. The ovens have also been modified to incorporate more insulation and a deeper door than the previous oven, both increased by 50mm, reducing heat loss dramatically.

Another key feature of the new “Eco” Rack Oven is a brand new colour turbo controller with a built in 24hr clock. This has a built-in sensor which puts the oven into a “sleep mode” if it sees no action for a period of time. The user can then set the sleep mode temperature to, for example, 50 degrees below the bake temperature. This avoids wasting energy and means the oven is constantly on stand-by to be brought quickly back up to bake temperature when required. Alternatively, the oven can be switched off altogether, an option which supermarkets favour to save the most energy.

In addition to these enhancements, there is a built-in steam system which, unlike most other ovens, requires no drain. This is due to the steam system being balanced to ensure that no excess water is injected into it and therefore no waste water produced.

Martin Dyson, Sales Director, Tom Chandley Ovens, commented, “The industry has always known us for our Deck Ovens, however, we have been manufacturing Rack Ovens for 12 years now and have over 500 ovens in the field. This is a very substantial oven, which we have now tweaked for the energy conscious user.”

Similar to the original model, a self-condensing hood can be added to the oven if external extraction cannot be fitted. The oven also has built in castors for ease of delivery and relocation.