The Pico Artisan is a mini modular deck oven, ideal for cafes, restaurants, artisan-bakers and confectionery-makers. 

Available in two different sizes, the Pico and Pico+ is packed with many of the same features as our larger deck ovens. Perfect for sourdough loaves, cakes, cookies, pizzas and more.

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Instantly download the full technical information and specifications for your new Pico Artisan as a PDF.

The Pico Artisan at a glance...

Stone sole baking surface for a mellow bake

Available in two different depths, the Pico and Pico+

Independently-controlled top and bottom heat

Stackable to expand your capacity as your business grows

Steam feature built in as standard with adjustable vent

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Your entry point into professional baking

Measuring just 790mm wide by 415mm high, this mighty oven is compact enough to fit your space but big enough to bake a full batch.

With a stone sole baking surface to provide that classic mellow bake, the Pico is a significant step-up from a domestic oven.

Choice of depths

The Pico is available in two sizes. The 460mm x 380mm baking surface of the Pico is large enough for 3 large 1000gm loaves or 20 scones.  

The larger 760mm x 460mm baking surface of the Pico+ will fit 6 1000gm loaves or 40 scones – or is perfect as a pizza oven!



Independently-controlled top and bottom heat

Developed by bakers over generations, the unique top and bottom heating elements are independently controllable. Giving you complete control over your bake like no other deck oven.

Versatility as standard

If you can bake it, you can bake it in the Pico Artisan!  The oven is equally suitable as a pizza oven or for baking bread, cakes, quiche, pies or pastries.

And the Pico’s advanced steam system gives you full control of the type of finish and bake you wish to achieve.



Choice of bases

Choose from three optional bases complete with castors for easy mobility.  Our high base is suitable for a single Pico at a comfortable working height, or stack two or three Pico ovens on our medium and low bases respectively.

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Download the Pico brochure

Instantly download the full technical information and specifications for your new Compacta Deck Oven as a PDF.

Giving you total control, bake after bake

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