Here you can find detailed information on our product range. Please take time to browse through our selection of PDF data sheets which can be downloaded by following the link below.


Manufactured by ourselves in the UK, it is designed to accommodate single or double racks, with the smallest footprint on the market to optimise space. The Compacta Rack features a gentle lift and rotate action which is ideally suited to baking a wide range of products, from bread, croissants and rolls to the most delicate products such as sponge cakes, custards and quiche.

pdf_iconCompacta Rack Oven Colour Leaflet

pdf_iconDS0038 – Rack Oven Data Sheet – Electric



The Compacta Deck Oven is the most popular model and can be seen in bakeries, hotels and restaurants throughout the world. Traditionally manufactured for bread production, each deck features a ceramic baking sole and independently controlled top and bottom heat to ensure you achieve the bake you require time after time. This unique design has proved that the Compacta is equally suitable for pies, pizza, pastries, meats and confectionery. Each oven is manufactured in the UK to each customer’s order, your oven will exactly match your needs – with a choice of size, finish, controls, and steam if required. Custom made as standard!


If you want to roast, bake bread, croissants, cakes, pastries or rolls the Convecta tc range will provide the oven you require. The range starts with the counter top Convecta tc3 designed for the smallest outlets, through to the Convecta tc10 which has the capacity for 10, 30″ x 18″ baking trays. Other models are also available for 60 x 40cm trays. All models are manufactured in the UK.

pdf_iconConvecta tc – Colour Leaflet

pdf_iconDS0017 – Convecta tc2 60×40

pdf_iconDS0039 – Convecta tc3 60×40

pdf_iconDS0041 – Convecta tc5 40×60 portrait

pdf_iconDS0019 – Convecta tc5 60×40 landscape

pdf_iconDS0040 – Convecta tc5 30×18

pdf_iconDS0020 – Convecta tc5 60×40 pass-thru

pdf_iconDS0022 Convecta tc10 60×40 landscape

pdf_iconDS0021 – Convecta tc10 30×18

pdf_iconDS0023 – Convecta tc10 60×40 pass thru



We offer a full range of simple, low-cost provers from a 18 tray cabinet model to bespoke multi rack models.


pdf_iconDS0035 – TC 18 Runner Tray Prover


Slicers are available from small in shop, table based units, through self service units with safety features to large industrial units.


Our Compacta water meter is manufactured in the UK from stainless steel and is less than 40mm in depth. This simple unit can be programmed with 99 pre-set quantities or as a manual model.

DS0031 Compacta Water Meter


Manufactured in the UK, we have a manual model for small bakery shops or convenience stores to semi automatic units with conveyor mechanism for bagging a wide range of bread products.

pdf_iconDS0029 – Lynx ‘L’ Sealer

pdf_iconDS0030 – Panther ‘L’ Sealer


We offer a range of Planetary and Spiral mixers from table top to 240kg tipping models. Manual and semi-automatic BDM models are available, along with Baguette Moulders and Pastry Brakes.


We manufacture these ovens in the UK and can be supplied as table top models or pizzas

pdf_iconDS0008 – Compacta Pizza Oven Front Page

pdf_iconDS0007 – Compacta Counter Top Pizza Oven

pdf_iconDS0006 – Pizza Oven Dimensions


If external extraction isn’t possible, we can supply Condensing hoods for our range of Convection Ovens and Rack Ovens.  A maintenance free solution to humidity and grease problems.

pdf_iconDS0036 – TC Condensing Unit


Manufactured by MKN, these Combi Ovens accept Gastronorm G1/1 or 60x40cm trays.  Combi Ovens are available in a variety of sizes in Gas or Electric versions.



We manufacture a range of food equipment, including Rotary Doughnut fryer, simple Popcorn/Nacho warmers to fully automatic self-serve Popcorn warmers.  The Bakefresh fresh roll dispensing system is ideal for busy retail outlets where fresh rolls are required 24/7.

pdf_iconDS0042 – Popcorn & Nacho Warmer

pdf_iconDS0043 – Theatrical Popcorn Cabinet

pdf_iconDS0044 – Automatic Self Serve Popcorn

pdf_iconDS0045 – Rotary Donut Machine


We offer Pass Thru options on our Convection Oven and our Deck Oven range, these are ideal for high – low risk areas where segregation is essential.



The Endura is an eye catching cast iron oven which combines old world styling and modern technology.  It is perfect for Hotels, Restaurants and Bakeries where image is important.  The oven can be supplied in a variety of tray sizes to suit all markets.  It features electronic controls, stone soles and independent top and bottom balanced elements.

pdf_iconEndura Leaflet