Tom Chandley has sourced a range of retarders, provers and freezers from market leaders around the world to compliment our range of ovens. The units we supply have assisted many of our customers to achieve an improved product combined with the benefit of greater control over preparation and baking scheduling as illustrated in the applications below.

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shock Freezer

FREEZER AND PROVER FOR PATISSERIE Alexander Taylor’s bakery is situated in the town of Strathaven, Lanarkshire and is a family bakery and café, pecialising in high quality confectionery and patisserie products, owned and operated by the same family for 180 years. Owner Barry Taylor says: “Our goal is always to improve on our quality and we recently upgraded our freezer capability with the installation of a Stamm BHF Shock Freezer supplied and installed by
Tom Chandley Limited, specifically for our patisserie goods”. The ‘blast freeze’ facility enables delicate confectionery such as fresh cream products to be frozen quickly to maintain product shape and consistency during defrosting. The in-door mounted special computer provides a choice of functions including Freezer, Blast Freezer and Cream Cabinet.

Barry has now also taken delivery of a three rack Interrupter Retarder Prover from Chandleys. The B5-GA-TC Retarder Prover has a programmable computer control which can monitor and control all aspects of the fermentation process. It has a Dewa Humidity System with multi fans and mist cylinders which produce uniform mist size, volume and product coverage, all of which are essential in maintaining the quality of products.

It also has a wide temperature range which is designed to suit all product requirements. It can be used as a quick chillier, cooler or prover for daily production and is able to freeze much quicker and reach lower temperatures than the average ‘retarder/prover’ ”

I’m very pleased with the performance of both the freezer and the Retarder Prover” says Barry “I am convinced that the quality of the products has greatly improved using the production controls offered on both of these units. I’ve only had the Retarder Prover for a short term but I’m already recognising the benefits in terms of planning and scheduling my baking. It really is saving me a lot of preparation time.”