Hartley’s Confectioners in the village of Lindley, Huddersfield is no stranger to Tom Chandley Ovens, having recently replaced their original Tom Chandley Deck Ovens of over 40 years for two brand new ones!

Hartleys, a family-run business of 47 years, has only ever used Tom Chandley ovens and decided it was time to update to the latest Compacta 5-3-8 Deck Ovens. Though the bake quality of the originals was still fantastic and they were still fully operational after 40 years; the newer models with modern controls are now easier to operate, smaller and offer new additional features, such as steam, deck timers and 24 hour timeclock. They are also much more energy efficient and takes less time to heat up.

As a result, Company Owner Jason Hartley has noticed a decrease in energy usage and thus utility bills, since switching to the new more proficient ovens. Jason commented, “As a baker, the quality of the original ovens was great, but the newer models have allowed us to make decent savings and extend some of our product lines with the addition of steam. The size of the ovens is also perfect for our bakery as they take up far less floor space, but we can still put everything we need in to bake at the same time and the quality is just as good.”

Hartleys Confectioners bake a selection of flavoured breads, teacakes, confectionery and home-smoked meats onsite, and offer fresh sandwiches made from their own meats daily. Quality baking spans three generations of the Hartley family, so it is no surprise that customers still queue to stock up on their tasty baked treats.

The Compacta oven is one of the most popular in Tom Chandley’s range, offering durability and a variety of additional features. With over 60 years manufacturing experience, Chandleys has been able to adapt the ovens over time to suit the needs of the modern baker. All heating elements are produced and tested onsite in its own electronics department, with a dedicated maintenance and technical team on hand at all times.