The art of baking is alive and well thanks to Tom Chandley Ovens

The Artisan Bakery in West London started trading in 2009 and has experienced such growth that they have recently invested in a double electric rack oven and a 4-8-8, 32 Tray Compacta deck oven from Tom Chandley in order to meet demand.

The bakery, owned by Simon Spears and David Krantz, specialises in high quality bread and patisserie items using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes with a modern twist. The Artisan Bakery supplies a range of items, from speciality breads to croissants and tartlets, directly to hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

The Tom Chandley double rack oven is used for production of delicate items such as burger buns, muffins and pastries whilst the Compacta Deck oven bakes heavier products such as sourdough bread. The Chandley rack ovens are designed with the smallest footprint on the market to optimise all available space. The Compacta rack oven features a gentle lift and rotate action, perfect for baking a wide range of products.

Tom Chandley has been manufacturing ovens since 1944 and since then has constantly strived to innovate. The Compacta deck oven is world-renowned and can be seen in prestigious establishments throughout the world. Traditionally designed for bread production, each deck features a ceramic baking sole and allows for top and bottom heat to be independently controlled, ensuring a reliable bake every time. This means the Compacta is as suitable for meats and confectionary as well as bread.

Master Baker Spears had used Tom Chandley Ovens prior to purchasing these two models and his positive experience with them gave him peace of mind, saying “Tom Chandley delivers a holistic service rather than solely acting as a supplier. It is a family business that offers support from initial contact through to installation and on-going maintenance”.

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